When I moved to Dallas trying to find daycare that worked for our family was a daunting task. There were several people I talked to but Jessica was the only one who stood out to me. From our first email she was always had quick responses and was very thorough with her questions and answers to mine and since then her thoroughness has continued. My son has so much fun while he is at Jessica's. Every day they work on curriculum. Since my son started there I have seen a huge improvement with my son's interest in the alphabet and numbers. He also has fun activities each day. He brings home crafts that he made that are associated with his curriculum he is learning at that time. He enjoys circle time where he gets to read books and sing. He also enjoys healthy meals while he is there; sometimes I think he eats better than I do. I also get a sheet each day that tells me what he did that day and it makes me feel like I was able to be part of his day even though I wasn't able to be there. She treats my son as if he were one of her own children. I brag about her all the time and I'm glad I have the opportunity to share this with you too. She is different than any other babysitter out there and I am so lucky to have found her!
- Amanda N.

Jessica has watched my children on several occasions for "drop-in" days, each time both of kids have a blast and we know they are being taken care of and looked after with love...and taught a few new things as well!
-Josh S.

I have used Jessica periodically for Drop In care for my two boys and they love her in home daycare!!! They enjoy all the crafts and learning games she does with them while they are there and she cooks hot meals for breakfast and lunch that my boys love!!! They always have so much fun playing with the other kids and its the one place I can take my kids and I know that are being cared for with love and I can trust her. She is a treasure and I am so glad I found McGhee Family Daycare!!!
April J.

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